We work to provide free solar energy to outstanding nonprofits in order to help them better achieve their missions and meet the needs of our communities.



Glacier National Park workers with mountains in the background

Bring Solar to the Glacier National Park Conservancy - Beta Road House. The Glacier National Park Conservancy works to preserve and protect Glacier National Park for future generations. As the organization has grown, two of the main challenges have been 

1) creating new avenues for fundraising to grow their ability to support critical projects in the park, and

2) creating and growing a workforce culture that provides opportunities for a diverse group of co-workers to engage in this important work.  

$40.00 Raised
$38,744.00 Goal

ASC. Kids listening and looking at the planetBring Solar to Adventure Science Center in Nashville, TN. Adventure Science Center is an independent, not-for-profit science and technology center. This facility is dedicated to delivering innovative, dynamic learning experiences that open minds to the wonders of science and technology and foster a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.  

For over 75 years, Adventure Science Center has been bringing science to life for students, teachers, and families in Middle Tennessee and across the U.S. 

$50.00 Raised
$182,970.00 Goal

Kids with chickens at Orleans County CCE

Bring solar to the Orleans County CCE (OCCCE), and help build ongoing programing in the Orleans, NY to support local agriculture, youth, and families.

The mission of the OCCCE is to provide relevant, accessible, research-based information to grow confident youth and successful farms & gardens for a strong and healthy Orleans community. Serving over 3,000 individuals annually, the Orleans County CCE operates programs ranging from 4H youth development to digital literacy.

Watch our introductory video here.

$26,686.00 Raised
$65,000.00 Goal


people building a dining spot

Ekvn-Yefolecv (ee-gun yee-full-lee-juh), which means Returning to the Earth, Returning to Our Homelands in Maskoke language, is an intentional community of Indigenous Maskoke persons who, after 180 years of having been forcibly removed from traditional Alabama homelands, have returned to build an off-grid, income-sharing ecovillage that prioritizes Maskoke language and cultural revitalization, natural building, regenerative agriculture, and ecological restoration. 

$217,068.00 Raised
$235,845.00 Goal

rsz 3311504656 472977684860078 1060543406537249054 nBring Solar to St Johns Housing Partnership (SJHP) in St. Johns County, St. Augustine,


The SJHP committed to promoting affordable housing by creating links between the public and private sectors for projects which create low and moderate-income housing, benefit disadvantaged areas, rebuild neglected neighborhoods, and enhance community economic and social development. 

$41,619.00 Raised
$80,000.00 Goal

Girl with horse at Summit Leadership grounds Five Star Life

Bring solar to Five Star Life (FSL) (Summit) in Union, MI, and help children access programming in character education, leadership and mindset development, climate building, and peer mentoring.

 Founded to help address the high national student dropout rates, Five Star Life reached over 22,000 children annually through their programs in schools and at Summit in 2021.


$75,553.00 Raised
$76,880.00 Goal

St Francis Center shelter users

Bring solar to the St. Francis Center (SFC) in Denver and help people experiencing homelessness and/or who are justice-involved have a safe/warm place to sleep at the new 48-housing unit Warren Residences. Plus, increase access to work in the renewable energy sector through our new workforce development program in partnership with the installer, ARE Solar.

This project is fully funded.  Installation pending.


$96,490 Needed/ $96,490 Raised


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