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currentprojectsWe work to provide free solar energy to outstanding nonprofits in order to help them better achieve their missions and meet the needs of our communities.



Bring Solar to Wildlife Associates

george teaching childrenBring solar to Wildlife Associates and help them take care of over 50 non-releasable wild animals and inspire wonder, empathy, and love for wildlife among the hundreds of thousands of children they serve each year.

Wildlife Associates spends over $12,000 per year on their electric bills and together we can help them cut this cost by 90% by installing a free 25 kW solar energy system.

Help build this project today!

$78,500.00 NEEDED
$25,211.00 PLEDGED

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Go A Little Wild for Solar

Pick a card, any card.... pick someone special, and make a donation in their honor and we'll take care of the rest!

Oh, and please add the name and address of that special someone in the comments section on the next page. Order by Dec 18th to make sure your card arrives by Christmas.

wa wiyaca american kestrelwa suka arctic foxwa bug six-banded armadillo2tundra snowy owlwa chache redfoxwa thistle na porcupinewa lola red tailed boawa tank desert tortoisewa savannah african serval2tahoe grey foxwa durango canada lynx2wa geroge ant eater

Please let us know if you would like the message customized.

Here's a sample of the backside of the postcard:
Learn more about the drive to build a 29 kW solar array for these animals home by clicking here, and find out more about each of these and the other "wild teachers" at Wildlife Associates here.  

All proceeds from this fundraiser go direcdtly to putting solar panels on the roof of Wildlife Associates in Half Moon Bay, California. Donate today!


Solar Fund

Renewable Energy Project- Everybody Solar CharityThe Solar Fund is comprised of donations for all of Everybody Solar’s projects. Please donate to the Solar Fund if you would like your contribution spread equally among all current (and up-coming) Everybody Solar solar projects for non-profits.
Donate to Solar Fund


$5,000.00 NEEDED
$3,215.00 PLEDGED

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Solar for Homeboy Industries

homeboys web picBring solar to Homeboy Industries and help amplify Homeboy Industries' efforts to increase opportunities for at-risk youth in Los Angeles by putting solar power on their rooftop.

Alternative Rock for Alternative Energy: Join Everybody Solar, the Sierra Club, Grid Alternatives and the band Trapdoor Social in bringing a solar energy system to LA non-profit Homeboy Industries! Put sustainability in action through this joint campaign and also get Trapdoor Social's new album and other great gifts such as a custom Everybody Solar T-shirt signed by the band. 

Donate to our fund for the project, or go to the PledgeMusic campaign and get some great music and other great perks with your pledge!

$20,000.00 NEEDED
$20,000.00 PLEDGED

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Solar for Rebuilding Together

RTP LogoRebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP) builds volunteer partnerships to rehabilitate homes and community centers for neighbors in need. By providing RTP with a 21.5 KW solar energy system, Everybody Solar will save RTP several thousand dollars a year on electricity costs. 

This project is fully funded and installed!!!

$59,000.00 NEEDED
$59,000.00 PLEDGED

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