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A collection of notable moments in our work to help local communities and reduce our society's reliance on fossil fuels.  

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Indie Rockers, Former Gang Members, and Sierra Club Team Up For Solar

homeboyexteriorhqKCET - September 16th, 2013
Los Angeles-based alternative rockers Trapdoor Social have a reputation for environmental consciousness, ever since way back in 2011 when the band's principals Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk met while taking environmental studies courses at Pomona College.

So it's no surprise that the two would come up with a green-leaning way to promote their forthcoming album. But rather than offering their crowdsource patrons some green-tinged swag and calling it a day, Graves and Funk decided to use their promotional efforts to create some of what the marketing folks might call synergy.

Trapdoor Social's funding campaign for its next album, due out early next year, isn't actually going to fund the next album. Instead, the net proceeds from the crowdfunding campaign will go to put solar panels on the roof of an innovative and popular Los Angeles non-profit that's helped to turn thousands of young people's lives around: Homeboy Industries.

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Can Solar Help Prevent Crime?

home girl_jamEcoSolargy Blog - September 5th, 2013
A couple weeks back, I was at a government contracting meeting at Los Angeles City Hall.  Due to lovely LA traffic and scheduling, I didn’t have time for lunch #ABitPeckish.  Fearing I would have to sit through a 3-hour meeting without sustenance, I heard wonderful news of a diner downstairs.  I rushed down and found Homeboy Diner!  It was a savior to my stomach and to the others attendees #HungryDeeterIsAViolentDeeter!  I thought the name sounded very familiar and after some quick iPhone stalking, I discovered they’re connected to Homeboy Industries.  About a month prior I had met with Youness Scally, executive director for Everybody Solar. During our meeting, he mentioned that his company was doing a project for Homeboy Industries in LA.

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Everybody Solar Cuts Ribbon on Flagship Solar Project for Rebuilding Together Peninsula

rtp ribbon_cuttingSan Francisco - July 19, 2013

RTP cuts ribbon on new 22 kW solar energy system

Everybody Solar announced today that it has completed its inaugural solar project – a 21.5 kW system on the roof of Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP). More than 40 community members, including State Senator Jerry Hill and San Mateo County Supervisor Warren Slocum, were on hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the solar array which will save RTP over $8,000 annually. 

“The savings that we get from this will be directly driven back into our programs,” said Spence Leslie, Chairman of RTP. “By eliminating RTP’s electric bill, (we) are able to dedicate more resources to (our) mission.”

“$8,000 a year is going to go right back in the community. We don’t have to pay utility bills anymore thanks to Everybody Solar and JinkoSolar,” said RTP Executive Director Seana O'Shaughnessy.

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Bringing Solar to Homeboy Industries

Solar for Homeboy IndustriesAugust 5, 2013
Los Angeles-based band Trapdoor Social, the Sierra Club and energy leaders Everybody Solar and GRID Alternatives team up to provide Solar Panels for non-profit Homeboy Industries.

Appreciating that social responsibility is one of the benefits of playing popular music, Los Angeles-based band Trapdoor Social has teamed up with two outstanding energy leaders, Everybody Solar and GRID Alternatives, to install solar panels on a Los Angeles inner-city, Homeboy Industries building. Funding for this unique and socially responsible project will be raised through the online crowdsourcing site www.pledgemusic.com.

“Our goal is to use our band as a vessel for communication and to convey the urgency of environmental responsibility,” noted lead singers of Trapdoor Social Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk.

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Doing Good by Doing Solar

solar indiaRenewable Energy World - July 12th, 2013
In developed nations, we see solar power as an alternative to conventional energy and a way to fight climate change. But in poor countries solar reveals itself as even more — as a way out of some of the world's darkest humanitarian problems.

For those of us who live in communities traversed by power lines, it's hard to imagine life without electricity. But large swaths of the globe remain without this modern necessity. About one-fifth of the world, or 1.3 to 1.6 billion people, live in energy poverty, mostly in sub-Sahara Africa and parts of Asia, and to a smaller extent in Latin America and the Middle East.

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How to Cook up a Community Solar Project

everybody solar volunteers-400x267Solar Mosaic - June 27th, 2013
What does it take to cook up a community solar project? A dash of crowdfunding, a pinch of grassroots outreach, and a generous helping of persistence.

That’s the word from San Francisco nonprofits RE-volv and Everybody Solar, who have shown with their first projects that they have viable recipes for crowdfunded solar installations. Founders Andreas Karelas and Youness Scally joined me in this video to talk about their successful launches.

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Solar for All

solar install 2 smallSustainable Industries - May 8th, 2013
Everybody Solar is breaking ground this week on its inaugural solar installation, a 21.5 kW project for Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP). The project was born from a successful fundraising effort that kicked off in May of last year and attracted over 100 individual and corporate donors. The installation will help power RTP’s Redwood City headquarters, saving the nonprofit over $150,000 throughout the system’s 25-year lifetime.

The solar energy revolution is sweeping through California, and homeowners and businesses are leveraging solar to improve their budgets and produce energy locally. Nonprofits – as non-taxable entities that do not qualify for tax credits – have traditionally been precluded from benefiting from solar incentives and shut out from solar leasing provisions. Through crowd-funding, Everybody Solar enables non-profits to get the same benefits from solar that homeowners and businesses get, allowing them to save money on their energy bill and thus them give more support to their communities.

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JinkoSolar Donates Solar Modules to Everybody Solar’s Non-profit Flagship Solar Project in Redwood City

jinkosolar logo_webbSHANGHAI - April 18, 2013
JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. ("JinkoSolar" or the "Company") (NYSE: JKS), a leading global PV solar power product manufacturer, today announced that it had provided Everybody Solar, a San Francisco-based NGO, 21.6 kW high efficiency solar modules through a combination of donations and fair market value sales, bringing the power of solar energy to the Redwood City, California community.  

To celebrate their flagship solar installation for local non-profit Rebuilding Together Peninsula, a benefit concert “Solar Rockstars for a Cause” is being held in downtown San Francisco today to raise funds for future solar projects.

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Everybody Solar helping nonprofits go green... for free

SunnyHeartVenture Beat - March 29th, 2013
Everybody Solar is helping charities like the Bay Area low-income home rehab volunteer organization Rebuilding Together Peninsula go green by accessing the free energy of the sun — with free solar panels, to boot.

This week, Everybody Solar funded the installation of a 13.5 kW system on the roof of the Redwood City-based  nonprofit organization, which will save Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP) about $100,000 over the course of its 20-year life-span.

“We want to help nonprofits free up their resources to fund their projects,” Everybody Solar representative Liz Oh told me today. “So we’re bringing them renewable energy to help them benefit from going solar and getting free and clean energy.”

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Everybody Solar to Kick Off Flagship Solar Project for Rebuilding Together Peninsula

rtp group - from websiteRedwood City, CA - March 27, 2013

Solar Non-Profit Completes Final Funding Round for Redwood City Project Non-profit organizations

Everybody Solar announced today that it has surpassed its fundraising goal of $34,000 and can now begin its inaugural solar project, a 13.5 kW system on the roof of Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP). The fundraising effort kicked off in May of last year and has attracted approximately 100 donors to date. This installation will bring much needed solar power to RTP’s Redwood City headquarters, saving the nonprofit close to $100,000 throughout the system’s life.

“The compound savings this project will provide the community are what drew us to helping Rebuilding Together Peninsula. For each dollar we raise, RTP will save $2.20, and each dollar RTP spends on home improvement makes a difference to a neighbor in need. We’re proud to be able to help non-profits like RTP save money and expand their operations with solar power,” says Youness Scally, Executive Director and Co-founder of Everybody Solar.

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Everybody Solar Honored As 2012 Top-Rated Nonprofit

San Francisco, CA - January 7, 2013

Everybody Solar announced today that it has been honored with a prestigious 2012 Top-Rated Award by GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews about nonprofit organizations.  

“We are excited to be named a Top-Rated 2012 Nonprofit,” says Youness Scally, Executive Director, Everybody Solar. “We are proud of our accomplishments this year, including launching our first project to bring solar to nonprofit Rebuilding Together Peninsula.”

The Top-Rated Nonprofit award was based on the large number of positive reviews that Everybody Solar received – reviews written by volunteers, donors and clients. People posted their personal experience with the nonprofit. For example, one person wrote, 

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Solar Crowdfunding in California - Part 2 - Everybody Solar

energycollectivelogoThe Energy Collective - December 18, 2012

As the price of solar has plummeted and leases have become more widespread, many more Americans have been able to go solar. But what about the 75% who can’t?

More options are emerging for solar for the rest of us -- including Mosaic’s new online marketplace, which is making it possible for people to invest in community solar projects and earn solid returns.

This three-part series profiles some other startups that are paving the way to spread solar to all.

Just across the bay from Mosaic in San Francisco, three young entrepreneurs are finding new ways to crowdfund solar projects -- and include the 75%. Not content to wait for someone else to do something, they’re taking matters into their own hands, rolling up their sleeves, and making projects happen.

Empowering the 75% through nonprofits 

Youness Scally founded Everybody Solar in 2011. Its mission is to help nonprofits go solar, thereby benefitting not only the environment but also the nonprofit’s budget. By reducing its power bills, a nonprofit can focus resources on its programs instead of on operating costs. And that helps the community the nonprofit serves. Everybody Solar focuses on local nonprofits that work to help the people with the greatest need in the community or who are doing environmental work.

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Everybody Solar Chooses Non-Profit Rebuilding Together For Flagship Project

RTP LogoRedwood City, CA - May 31, 2012

Non-profit organizations Everybody Solar and Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP) have launched a new effort to bring solar power to the rooftop of RTP’s Redwood City headquarters, greening the 501c(3) charity’s community focused efforts and potentially saving them several thousand dollars a year on utility costs.  

Everybody Solar chose Rebuilding Together Peninsula as their first solar project because of RTP's strong impact on a disadvantaged and often over-looked community.   Rebuilding Together Peninsula rehabilitates homes and community facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula for low-income homeowners and neighbors — seniors, disabled, or families — so they can live independently in warmth and safety. Once complete, the solar project will free up funds the organization currently uses to pay its utility costs, allowing them to provide more help to neighbors in need.

“We are thrilled to partner with Everybody Solar,” says Seana O'Shaughnessy, RTP Executive Director. “Incorporating green construction and energy efficient practices into our rehab projects has become one of our top priorities. With the help of Everybody  Solar, we can implement these principles at our own facility. Additionally, the annual cost savings is significant — allowing us to complete more projects each year.” 

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HERO Newsletter- Spotlight on Founder Youness Scally

January 27, 2012

Volume 3 of the HERO Newsletter highlights Youness Scally, Executive Director of Everybody Solar.  As a student of the Effective Green Business Marketing course at Ohlone College, Youness gained insight into Green Business management and met new colleagues and other eco-entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

View the HERO Newsletter

This Newsletter provides current and important Home Performance industry news and analysis in connection with the Home Energy Retrofit Occupations (HERO) Program for industry professionals, for those looking to transfer into the Home Performance industry, and for individuals who would like to advance their skill set in this arena.

Volume 3: January 2012

Industry News and Updates

Home Performance Industry Applauds New Energy Efficiency Tax Credit Legislation

The Cut Energy Bills at Home Act,  introduced by Senators Snowe (R-Maine), Bingaman (D-N.M.) and Feinstein (D-Calif.) in November, 2011, if passed, would create the nation’s first performance-based energy efficiency tax credit for home retrofits. For the first time, homeowners would be rewarded with a federal tax credit for projects that achieve a percentage reduction in energy use, rather than for installing a certain piece of equipment. The legislation would provide tax credits of $2000-$5,000 for qualified residential energy efficiency retrofits that save 20-50% respectively, up to 30% of the cost of the retrofit.

National Solar Jobs Consensus 2011: A Review Of The U.S. Solar Workforce

Results from the latest industry research show that the solar industry has experienced an overall growth rate of 6.8% over the past year, nearly 10 times higher than the national average employment growth rate of 0.7%. Solar job growth over the next 12 months is anticipated to be almost 24%, representing approximately 24,000 additional new jobs. The research findings illustrate a potential trend toward specialization. More firms appear to be contracting out portions of their solar work, including administrative, on-site installation, and other parts of the installation process. Employers see value in credentials, but for installers, on-the-job apprenticeship programs or other training that includes experience-based learning are the most desirable pathways to employment, but these programs take significant time to complete.

$300,000 in Federal Grants for SETA's Clean Energy On-The-Job Training Program

The Green On-Job-Training program, funded by the California Energy Commission and the Employment Development Department, will reimburse employers 50-70% of the wages paid to trainees for 3-6 months of training.  The program will put unemployed people back to work while learning skills that are needed for the jobs of the future. Energy Commissioner Karen Douglas explains that “under the Energy Upgrade California Program, successful partners, such as SETA and small business leader Beutler, have trained and employed hundreds of workers in the Sacramento area while reducing homeowners energy bills."

Additional Recent Industry Links

Upcoming HERO Courses

February 7 – March 8
Tuesday/Thursday 4-7pm
Effective Green Business Marketing Provides knowledge & tools to market & acquire customers for green businesses. Skyline College
March 13 –
April 19
Solar Sales & Professional Development Provides skills & knowledge to sell solar energy systems & solutions. Ohlone College
May 2012
Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Realtors & Mortgage Professionals Home energy efficiency financing options & how to leverage Energy Upgrade CA rebate program. Ohlone College
June 2012
Building Performance Assessment/Sales Qualify to conduct/sell home energy assessments. Ohlone College

For questions and to start the WIA application process, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What is HERO?

The HERO program is funded through a Department of Labor grant and aims to fulfill the need for training a new workforce in the home performance industry, improve both local and regional economic development, and sustain and grow current and future program activities with its project partners.

Host San Mateo County Workforce Investment Board, in partnership with Cañada CollegeOhlone CollegeSkyline College and the Alameda County Workforce Investment Board, will provide training and career pathways in selected home performance careers. Other HERO partners include the Home Performance Resource CenterStrategic Energy Innovations and Swords to Plowshares.

Student Spotlight

HERO graduate Youness Scally is the Founder and Executive Director of Everybody Solar, a newly launched non-profit organization with the mission of providing local charities with free solar power to help reduce their energy costs and redirect their limited resources towards the communities they serve.  By reducing electricity costs, they help non-profits maximize their impact on their direct cause.  

To ensure he was equipped with the knowledge, tools and resources to market and brand his new business venture, Youness took advantage of training offered through the HERO grant program and enrolled in the Effective Green Business Marketing class hosted by Ohlone College in Newark.

“The class taught the principles of how to effectively market any business, but was focused on applying these principles to "Green" businesses, which provided a great perspective for Everybody Solar.  It showed me the importance of a marketing plan, and how to create one that serves as a reliable tool for our organization."  

"The instructor and the many outstanding guest speakers provided me with a strong understanding of how to identify, narrow in on, and reach our target audience, how to use CRM to better manage my non-profit contacts and leads, the key elements of an effective website, and the importance of creating and practicing my elevator pitch for Everybody Solar."  

"I came away from this class with new friends and colleagues in the green business field and a number of new tools, many of which I used towards the launch of our website everybodysolar.org, social media campaigns, press outreach, and other promotional marketing.  I'm sure I will continue to use the skills I learned to help our business grow in the future.” 

New Non-Profit, Everybody Solar, Helps U.S. Charities Go Solar

San Francisco, CA - December 15, 2011 

A new charitable organization, Everybody Solar, helps both the environment and local U.S. communities thrive with the use of solar power.  This young non-profit hits the eco-NPO scene with a fresh take on green people-focused charity.  

“Our goal is to protect the environment and strengthen U.S. communities through solar energy projects.  By providing solar power to local charities, we will help struggling organizations reduce electricity costs and direct their limited funds back into the communities they serve,” said Youness Scally, Executive Director of Everybody Solar.  “There are tons of great charities that improve their communities here in the U.S., and it makes sense to save them money and make their communities greener at the same time.” 

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