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Petaluma homeless shelter expands solar network

reuben cots installArgus-Courier - November 19, 2016 

Petaluma, CA - An expanded solar electricity system at Committee on the Shelterless' Mary Isaak Center in Petaluma will soon supply most of the facilitiy's power needs, freeing funds for the homelessness-focused nonprofit to devote to other areas..

Workers were putting the finishing touches on the new 19.5-kilowatt upgrade to the existing rooftop system earlier this week, work that will roughly double the amounnt of solar power produced at the building.

The larger array will savef COTS around $20,000 in electdricity costs every yeare, said Mike Johnson, CEO.

"It will acutally make us completely solar dependent - independent of the grid - most of the time," Johnson said.

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