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Helping Charities Go Solar

April 14th, 2012
 - Everybody Solar, co-founder Youness Scally talks about what inspired him to start a solar driven non-profit and why cutting electricity costs for U.S. charities matters. 

Video Transcript:  I decided to start Everybody Solar because I was tired of being a by-stander...

You know I've had ideas and felt like a could make a difference in the past. But never really acted upon it. And I thought, you know what it's time to do something differently, and to actually go for it. 

I've always felt that individuals can make the world better if they try, and you know, we won't all succeed, but that's not really what matters, it's just about putting yourself out there and going for it.

I'm inspired by clean energy, specifically solar. I mean the fact that we can harness the power of the sun, and meet all of humanity's energy needs, without ever running out of ti. And help the environment. That's just amazing to me.

Solar also has the power to democratize energy. I mean if everyone had solar on their own rooftops, we wouldn't need these giant energy companies, we would just be our own energy companies. 

Everybody Solar focuses on trying to help communities that might not have the resources, or maybe the know-how of how to use solar, and make it work for them.

By helping charities go solar, we can help them lower their electricity costs, and at the same time do more with their funding.

I think that's the perfect combination. We can help speed up the adoption of solar. Lower the amount of C02 in the air. And help local community organizations do more.

My dream is to bring solar energy to everyone.

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