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Our 5 Favorite Solar Songs

Solar Music February 7th, 2012 - Despite the need for renewable energy and the ever-growing importance of making the switch to solar, these changes can at times be a little overwhelming. 

Personally, nothing helps motivate us and keep things in perspective like music! 

Below are the top 5 songs that help the Everybody Solar team stay pumped for solar.

1) Here Comes the SunThe Beatles – Of course we had to start off with the Beatles in the number one slot.  This song can make anyone’s mood better, and the lyrics “Here Comes the Sun, and I say, It's all right” are appropriate for the solar industry and renewable energy.  It’s been a long and cold fossil fuel winter, but “it’s alright, here comes clean energy” is an anthem we can live by!

2) Shake Me DownCage the Elephant - This song is a great motivator.  The lyrics “Even on a cloudy day, I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun” are a good reminder of how solar works.  From the perspective of a solar panel, even on cloudy day they keep fixed on the sun… and keep producing clean energy.

3)  Kiss the Sun - Detroit Social Club - This song opens with a jam packed rock-ballad instrumental and takes off even higher with David Burn belting the lyrics “It amazes me how easily we’re deceived, It’s easy to see we’re controlled, by what we fear”  & “We’ll hold up our head, for we have not, surrendered yet”, “We kissed the sun”.  Easily deceived, controlled by what we fear?  Sounds like the M.O. of the oil and coal giants to me, claiming that they’re not damaging the environment and that drilling and plundering resources is the only path to energy independence. We’ll keep our heads up; we have not surrendered, because renewable energy will win in the end. 

4) Coconut Flakes - Love as Laughter - From the outstanding soundtrack to one of our favorite films - 180 South° - this song evokes a heartwarming rallying call to all those pursuing a more sustainable life.

“Remember the sun
 All from memory
 Close your eyes and run circles
 Round' its enemies” 

If there ever was an enemy of the sun it would be the fossil fuel industry and its lobbyists. And they better watch out for the record number of solar advocates rallying together to run circles around them. 

5) Black Water - Timber Timbre - The Canadian folk band Timbre Timbre say it all here in the opening line of their soothing dreamy melody: “All I need is some sunshine.”  A bit of daylight through the cloud-cover is all that is needed to produce energy.   However, some extra sunshine is always nice as it boosts the amount of energy that solar panels produce on a given day.

Have any favorite songs that make you think of clean energy or solar?

Written by: Rachel Brown & Youness Scally 

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