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4 Tips for Reducing your Holiday Carbon Footprint

Solar Gingerbread Houses- Everybody Solar Charity December 15th, 2011 - Just because its the holiday season doesn't mean you have to stop being green.  Check out our quick tips on making the season greener and brighter for everyone!

1. Decorate with Solar Powered Holiday Lights

Whether your lights are white icicles, blue and white strings, red and green nets, or some other variation, this is an easy and affordable way to cut down on your carbon output this season.

You can find a variety of solar powered holiday lights at your local hardware or house ware store or online at the Outdoor Solar Store

2. Wrap with Recycled Gift Paper

Seed paper or banana paper look festive and help protect the North Pole (and the Earth)

Recycled wrapping papers can be found at many local stationary stores as well as online at Amazon.com

3. Cook Holiday Meals with Sustainable Foods

Choosing free-range turkey over farm raised and other eco-friendly ingredient choices this season doesn’t mean you and your family have to go hungry.  There are plenty of hearty and sustainable food options for your holiday meal.

Your local farmers market, Whole Foods, or Trader Joes.

 4. Give Gifts from Wish Lists or Eco Charities

Make an effort to give gifts that won’t go unused or end up in a landfill.  Giving gifts from wish lists means loved ones are getting gifts they will actually use.  
Charitable donations are also a festive way to give this season, for the givers and receivers who enjoy giving back.  Both your loved ones and mother-nature will appreciate your thoughtful giving.

Amazon.com has an excellent free wish list creator.  
Most eco-charities, including Everybody Solar, allow you to make a donation on someone else’s behalf.

Happy Holidays!
From all of us, at the Everybody Solar team!

Have another environmentally friendly holiday suggestion? Share in the comments field below…

Written by: Rachel Brown 

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