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Why Distributed Clean Energy Matters

Solar Roof San Francisco- Everybody Solar CharityNovember 23rd, 2011  -  One of the primary reasons for using clean energy is to efficiently employ our planet’s free and easily accessible energy sources, i.e. the winds, solar rays, and the Earth’s own internal heat.  


Another chief reason for using clean energy is to ensure that energy is affordable, readily available, and owned by everyone. Renewable energy cannot and should not follow the path of the behemoth oil and coal companies, which control a disproportionate amount of the energy supply.  Massive solar and wind farms provide great benefits by producing large amounts of clean energy at increasingly low costs; however, they are largely owned and operated by a small handful of energy companies.  I will be wary if they gain the same size and control of their big oil and coal counterparts. 

The energy that is produced from a strong distributed energy system is comprised of many different nodes of production.  It is produced on-site, where it is needed, and is often owned by its end-users.  Distributed solar energy projects offer clean and sustainable energy while also putting the benefits and profits of its production into the hands of the end-user.  Evidence that this works can be viewed in solar maps of New York, Denver, Los Angeles and others that detail how at least half (all in LA’s case) of the energy needed to power these cities could come from solar rooftops!

That is the beauty and power of rooftop (or backyard) solar.  Distributed solar energy breaks our dependence on fossil fuels and provides greater energy security by spreading electricity generation throughout the grid.  Moreover, producing electricity from many small energy sources puts the power were it belongs, in the hands of the people.  Clean energy has an amazing opportunity to dually provide renewable energy as an alternative to both dirty fossil fuels and corporate greed.  Renewable energy can pave the way for an environmentally and economically sustainable future.  Let’s make sure that happens!

Written by: Youness Scally

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