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Be a climate hero! Start a fundraiser for Everybody Solar today.

Here are some ideas:

Organize a walk or run for solar power. Get friends, family and classmates to come together and sponsor a run for your project, and the health of the planet. (Photo:slgckgc)

Birthday WillClayton
Make your birthday special. Instead of asking for gifts, ask family and friends to donate your age in dollars to your Everybody Solar fundraiser. Make it easy for them by sending them an e-vite with the link to our donate now page. (Photo: Will Clayton)

BakeSale RuthHartnup small copy
Start a bake sale. Who doesn't like cookies, brownies, and cake, especially when it helps a good cause! (Photo: Ruth Hartnup)

gifts  droidgingerbread
Celebrate your love for each other by protecting the planet. Instead of, or in addition to, having a wedding registry, ask your guests to make a donation to your Everybody Solar fundraiser. Add the Everybody Solar donate now link to your wedding invitation. (Photo: Droid Gingerbread)

feet MonaVarga
Celebrate the birth of your child and protect their future. Instead of a baby, or in addition to, having a baby registry, ask your family and friends to support Everybody Solar. Add the Everybody Solar donate now link to your baby invitations. (Photo: Foto Botez Ryan).

Recycle AndyArthursmall Start a recycling drive in your class or school. Collect as many cans and plastic bottles as possible and turn them in at your local cash redemption recycling center. You might be surprised how many cans and bottles you and your friends are able to recycle. (Photo: Andy Arthur)

PennyJar TerryPresleyStart a penny jar at your office or school and see how many pennies you can collect. Set a goal and a deadline (maybe a few months, or a school year), and see if you can surpass that goal. (Photo: Terry Presley)